Sunday, April 10, 2016

Visiting Portland--Japanese Garden

a red camellia
One of the highlights of Portland, Oregon for the plant enthusiasts is the Portland Japanese Garden (link).

Since the space made available to build a Japanese garden was too big for a classical Japanese garden, Professor Takuma Tono, who designed it in the 1960s, created five separate gardens for the visitor to explore.

It was a wonderful place to stroll on a drizzly spring day

Portland Japanese garden

This rock is both beautiful itself and represents a lantern or gatepost at a transition between gardens

Portland Japanese garden

More wonderful camellias

white camellias

And a venerable weeping cherry

spectacular tree, Portland Japanese garden

flowering tree

Entrancing vistas, wet with rain

The springtime itself made art as the shrubs put on new leaves:

Portland Japanese Garden

The leafless trees beyond are part of the beauty

Portland Japanese Garden

When you are in Portland, see for yourself!

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