Sunday, June 23, 2019

The Adventures of Felix Luna, a Travel Pillow

Felix Luna in Japan
Ten years ago I'd been traveling extensively for about three years and realized a neck pillow would improve the long flights over oceans. In Denver International Airport I bought one. Not just a neck pillow, an animal. I named him Felix Luna, Felix since he's clearly a cat, Luna for the half-moon shape.

Now, celebrating ten years of travel together, Felix is quite the world traveler.

He travels through airports looking out of the pockets of the suitcase.

suitcase with Felix Luna

He has been to Australia

Seen Beijing, China


Cruised the Panama Canal

Felix Luna on the Panama Canal

Watched baseball in Japan


and visited London.

London view

He likes interesting hotels
Hotel Henri
Hotel Henri, Hamburg, Germany
and cruise ship cabin windows.

Felix Luna in Spain
Cruising the Mediterranean, Seville, Spain
Most recently, he stayed in the colorful Indigo Hotel in Shanghai

Indigo Hotel, Shanghai

Back from China, the miles were showing. His white was a little grayed.

Felix Luna, neck pillow

Even though I had some qualms, into the washing machine he went.

Washing the neck pillow

But he came out looking great! I gave him a new earring

Felix Luna freshly washed

And he's back with his friends by the bedroom window until the next trip!

Traveling pillow at home

Comments and corrections welcome.

Kathy Keeler, A Wandering Botanist

PS If you like documenting being there but don't like selfies, adopt a neck pillow, a funny hat, or a cardboard cut-out.

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