Sunday, April 5, 2020

More Plant Possibilities

Last week I posted pictures of ambitious plant projects, like bonsai and topiary (link), that one could do while working from home or staying in. Here are some more:

flowers in pots  as butterfly

Arrange flower pots in designs, butterfly above, numerals below (it was New Year's):

flowers in pots in a pattern
pots with red flowers arranged as numbers 
Plant a couple of seeds in a bunch of cheap pots and have flowering plants to arrange in a mass in a month or so. Or help out your neighborhood plant store.

Then there are other decorating possibilities. If you have a cabinet or bookshelf that doesn't work well: fill it with plants

wall plants
Hotel at Denver International Airport
I've tried this with a bookcase: don't put books (or anything else water might damage) below the plants. Adequate light is also required, my problem with filling the bottom shelves with plants.

Of course you can also do this outdoors. Climate is a consideration. If your climate is moist it works well. If it is dry, be careful to water or use succulents.

Another possibility is to trim your shrubs until they are smooth and symmetrical. The rounded shapes of these shrubs and small trees are almost certainly human-assisted

shaped shrubs, Japan
public garden in Japan
Or trim your roses into lollypops

rose bushes
rose bushes, northern California
Another project would be to create a fairy garden. Everyone loves miniatures.

They can be indoors, in pots. This one was at the Conservatory of the US Botanic Garden,  Washington, D.C., one of several they had on display

fairy garden, Washington Conservatory
fairy garden, Washington Conservatory
Or you can make a fairy garden outdoors

fairy garden, northern Colorado
fairy garden, Northern Colorado
Your fairy gardens don't have to be gentle places. Here, ants are carrying off a garden gnome

fairy garden. Washington DC area
Ants carry off the garden gnome
And, for that matter, garden whimsey can be dark. Here, is a maple that I imagined swallows unwary visitors

maple tree, Brookside Gardens, Wheaton, Maryland
maple, Brookside Gardens, Wheaton, Maryland
Enjoy plants.

Comments and corrections welcome.

Kathy Keeler, A Wandering Botanist

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