Sunday, December 22, 2019

Walking Beaches

"Life is a beach."That might have been my father's motto. A metalurgist, he became a serious amateur seashell collector, retired to Florida, and walked a lot of beaches.

I think about him whenever I walk beaches. And, looking back over the last decade, I've been on a bunch of beaches. For example, a beach in the Lesser Antilles:

swimming beach, Lesser Antiles
A lovely beach, Iles des Saintes, Lesser Antilles

A beach in Costa Rica
beach in Costa Rica
Beach in Costa Rica
There, beautiful art from an invertebrate, probably a tiny crab.

tracks of a crab

Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica. In the middle of the afternoon, the crab-eating raccoon was out foraging.

tropical raccoon, beach in Costa Rica

Classically beautiful beach, Kona, Hawaii

beach, Hawaii

A very new beach, east coast of Big Island, Hawaii. This was a sandy beach when I visited in the 1980s. Since then, Kilauea Volcano has put some 30' of lava over the beach and into the bay. Already, though, pounding from the ocean and trampling from visitors, is turning it into black sand. 

beach, Kalapana, Hawaii

Rocky shore on Green Island off the south coast of Taiwan

rocky beach, Green Island, Taiwan

New Zealand beach, with leaves of New Zealand flax in the foreground,

beach in New Zealand

And, in Victoria, Australia, a beach at dawn ('cause that was the only time I had to walk it).

sunset on a beach in Australia

Hot or snowy, windy or humid, sandy or rocky, enjoy the outdoors!

Comments and corrections welcome. 

Kathy Keeler, A Wandering Botanist

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