Sunday, May 21, 2023

Patience...and the Gardener

Patience is an important virtue for gardeners, one that is not praised enough. 

Winter ends when winter ends. The last frost is months after it is nice enough to wish to plant marigold seeds and tomatoes. I can't speed it up. Planting too early just kills the plants. So I wait. Like it or not.

garden, early spring
nice weather but plants not up much (March)

Patience would make that easier.

Spring brings watching for the first crocus, then the first daffodil, and right now, the first peony. What is taking them so long? I'm waiting! Impatiently. But days pass and still there buds haven't opened.  

peony bud
  peony still in bud

And yet, there will be a day when my peonies are open. It wouldn't be any sooner if I were patient but I'd waste less energy checking and checking again.

The practical soul says, "It is Nature. The earth turns, the seasons change, the plants respond. Big forces, way beyond our control. "

The philosopher reflects on the fleetingness of seasons "first there were crocuses, but those are gone. Cherish the daffodils." 



The rows where I planted seeds are still just dirt, no tiny seedlings visible. I KNOW some seeds take weeks to germinate--it even says that on the package!--but it seems like it has been weeks. 

no seedlings yet
 no seedlings yet

Children find waiting for Christmas hard; this adult finds waiting for plants hard. Guess I didn't really grow up, just changed my focus. In both cases, the days move steadily, but at their own pace. 

Patience! I so need more patience! 

Oh look! The blue flax has finally opened!

blue flax, Linum perenne

Afterthought: remember to celebrate when your patience is rewarded.

Comments and corrections welcome.

Kathy Keeler, A Wandering Botanist

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