Sunday, March 10, 2024

April in Tokyo

Here is a photo album of pictures from Tokyo in April. Beautiful spring flowers.

The photos are from April 2017 but if you hurry, you could still get there to see what it is like in 2024: 

Classical Japanese design

garden, Tokyo

Modern Tokyo

Tokyo scene
along an outdoor, second story walkway


stone path, Tokyo
and new
city scene, Tokyo

Of course I focused on the plants

Japanese maples leafing out

Japanese maples, Tokyo

Big clones of iris, growing rapidly

iris, Tokyo

Violets flowering in the moss. Note the spike of new bamboo growth to the right of the violets, coming up like a spear with a flag on top.

violets, Tokyo

International weeds were flowering. This is shepherd's purse, Capsella bursa-pastoris

weeds, Tokyo

Oriental poppies grew as weeds:

poppies, Papaver, Tokyo

Tokyo has parks planted with spring-flowering trees for the enjoyment of the public,

Tokyo park

which provide very scenic views, the modern city as the background.

Tokyo park

There were hundreds of the flowering trees (plums, cherries and more) that they are famous for

flowering tree, Tokyo

scenic view, Tokyo

flowers, Tokyo, April

hillside, flowering trees, Tokyo

And, some trees were still dormant. I think these are sycamores

dormant trees, April, Tokyo

Another lovely view

Tokyo garden

A rock so ugly it is beautiful

Rock, Tokyo garden

Azaleas were blooming, 

Azalea, Tokyo

and some irises

Iris, Tokyo

I can't show the pleasant weather or the scents of the flowers. It was quite glorious. Go see it if you can.

Comments and corrections welcome. 

Kathy Keeler
A Wandering Botanist

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