Sunday, January 29, 2023

Travel Story: Walking the Beach on Coronado Island, San Diego

We took a winter escape. To San Diego, California, in January. I knew it could be warm there, but it wasn't. Heavy rain had just swept inland and behind the front the highs barely reached 60 oF. In the sun, it was pleasant, but not very warm.

beach, Coronado Island, San Diego, California
Beach, Coronado Island, San Diego, California

I walked the beach on Coronado Island. Here are some photos so you can enjoy it too:

edge of beach, Coronado Island, San Diego
 the back of the beach

The edge of the beach was a study in exotic plants; I doubt any of those are native to the San Diego area, let alone Coronado Island.

There were lots of structures for the use of people. I could imagine crowds on a sunny summer day, but it was very quiet in mid January.

Coronado Island

Coronado Island beach

Looking seaward, lots of birds ran in the receding tide:

beach, Coronado Island, San Diego, California
  birds on the beach

followed by bird paparazzi

photographers,  birds

The seashore had only the occassional shell

Coronado beach shells

and various washed-up pieces of seaweed

seaweed on the beach
But, they were working hard to clear off the beach and make it neat:

removing seaweed from the beach
  that's all seaweed!

Some of the plants strewn on the beach were land plants. Most had little chance of survival. This one might root and live, but it was not above the tide line, so probably not.

piece of plant, on beach after storms
But where there was stable sand, the heavy rains of the previous week had stimulated seedlings. There's little green things in the photo all the way to the bottom. The small ones are newly-germinated seedlings. 

seedlings on the beach
seedlings on the beach

Always a good place for a stroll

beach, Coronado Island

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Kathy Keeler, A Wandering Botanist




  1. The grasses on the far right of the back of beach photo look like Nassella tenuissima. Native to someplace nearby (New Mexico), but considered invasive in CA. Heavily used as ornamental, and it can escape.

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