Sunday, June 6, 2021

Scenic Plants

The idea for today's blog was to share photos of plants in dramatic landscapes across the world. I have thousands of photos, but very few are a scenic shot featuring a small plant. Some of that is the problem of focus: either the foreground or the background is in focus. Some is that I never thought to take such pictures. I will try in the future. But, enjoy these: 

A field of mustards in bloom in central Tokyo (likely Brassica rapa planted by the park): 

Mustards in flower in Tokyo

Violets (Viola species, violet family) growing in the crack in an old stair in a Tokyo park:

violets on an old stair in a Tokyo park

The Victoria waterlilies (Victoria amazonica, water lily family Nymphaeaceae) on the river in the upper Amazon. They are 3-5' in diameter:
Victoria water lilies, Amazonian Peru

Geraniums (Pelargonium) flowering in a planter, on a street in Tuscany, Italy

geraniums on a street in Tuscany, Italy

 Mustards (likely a Sinapis species, mustard family) and thistles (Carduus, maybe C. acanthoides, sunflower family) flanked by the Gulf of Finland from Helsinki, Finland,: 

Gulf of Finland beyond mustards and thistles

Willow herb (Epilobium likely E. angustifolium) and a white umbel likely a hogweed (Heracleum species) in a forest in central Finland

forest in central Finland, willow herb and an umbel

A field white with daisies (Bellis perennis) in being grazed by shaggy horses in Shetland, Scotland, on typically gray day:

horses grazing on field with daisies, Shetland

A palm (left), cypress (center) and an olive tree (right), representing respectively martyrdom, eternal life, and peace, in a courtyard of the Benedictine abbey in Montserrat, Spain. There is also a laurel, for victory, but my photo doesn't include it. 

palm, cypress, and olive in Montserrat, Spain

False yellowhead (Dittrichia viscosa, sunflower family) looking out over Las Palmas, Mallorca, Spain from a crumbling wall of Beliver Castle:

false yellowhead plant at Las Palmas, Mallorca

Tulips (Tulipa species, lily family Liliaceae) being tested in the Netherlands. The flowers are chopped off once they have shown that they are good quality, so they will produce big bulbs for international sale, so many plants in the photo lack flowers. Note the flatness of this land reclaimed from the sea.

tulip plots in the Netherlands

Cattails (Typha species, cattail family Typhaceae) growing in a canal in Amsterdam, Netherlands:

cattails in Amsterdam canal

Scarlet gilia (Ipomopsis aggregata, gilia family Polemoniaceae) in southern Wyoming, USA:

scarlet gilia in Wyoming

Bright purple lupines (Lupinus, pea family) in the Snowy Range, Wyoming, USA:

lupines in Snowy Range, Wyoming

Gorgeous plants grow in marvelous places all over the world. And on your street. After all, your home would be an exotic location--"wow! looks like the pictures!"--to people from other parts of the world. Enjoy! 

Comments and corrections welcome. 

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